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tv   News4 Today  NBC  March 10, 2019 6:00am-8:00am EDT

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rain showers have ende have just some light rain. there will be wet roads around for the next hour, so the rain will continue to move away from our area. as we talked about, yes, it is early.
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ye we love the hour, yes, more going to have sunshine. more sunshine in the afternoon. for that cup of coffee, i feel your pain, everyone. i'm a tea guy myself, but temperatures will be 50eges by 11:00 and more hisu. we're following breaking news in afriha. more 100 people were on a flight that crashed a couple of urs ag the plane was headed for nairobi, kenya, but went down shortly after takeoff. h andre saying a sea rescue is under way and t prime minister is already issuing a statement of condolences. we'll contie to track this developing story and bring you updates t asy come in. also this morning we'rein wo on multiple late night shootings in the area. >> police say a man was found near gallatin and ninth street
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northwest around 8:00 last night. a second scene was a short distance ay nein an alley near georgia avenue.ew then a hours away theres there was another. just a few blocks away from all of that in the 5400 block police say they responded to yet another shooting, this onete ju midnight and they need your help finding the car you see on the screen. police say man was shot several times. he is expected to be okay. but call d.c. police if you recognize this vehicle. an elderly woman's oxygen tank may have led to a deadly fire in mclean. neighbor say they heard sirens and a loud explosion. some also say they'd seen oxygen tanks being delivered to the
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home earlier in theday. oxygent clear if those tanks caused the fire. a woman in a chase from last sunday died. this is a video in lexington park. 87-year-old carol anderso of leonardtown was killed. police say a driver crossed the road and slammed into her beetl. lavoy is still in the hospital in critical >condition. e do have an update on a deadly crash we brought you yesterday morning. police tell us a woman got on i-95 and started driving the wrong way. this was in maryland. it happened near powder mill road in beltsville. they say she strk three cars
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before her car burst into flames. police have not released name. three people were hurt in that crash. now for acary situation for a woman in d.c. partners wtop a woman was getting into rideshare when a man allegedly abused her and tried to take her backpack. this happened at p street northwest near the public armstrong schl campus. police say the suspect is johnson. they say they were able to track him down and arrest him. singer r. kelly has been released from jail. someone made a child support payment on his half. he waslaced in jai last week after he could not pay what he owed in chi support. on top of that, kelly is charged with ten counts of aggravated abuseol ing four women, including three women who were minors when the alleged abuse took place. he spoke to reporters yesterday.
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take a listen. >> i promise you we're going to straighten all this stuff out. that's all i can say right now. >> and your fans? i love my fans. >> kelly has plead not gl to the sexual abuse charges against him. this morning publisher of loudoun county newspaper isci fraud charges. he's accused of lying to investors and lenders to the company that operates loudoun tribute. lawyers say he defrauded investors in the media group, a company owned which controls the local newspaper group. he allegedly liedbout the value of exisiing adver contracts. investors believe he also lied about money he and other investors insted in the company. if convicted, reynolds could face dades i prison june we turn our attention to politics as we head to the 2020 presidential electis. a lot of the democratic hopefuls
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are embracing to push for the legazation of marijuana. camela harris says legalize ed it is the right thing todo.b coker had been. also and elizabeth warren,ie be sanders and bet ta o'rourke is calng for an end to the prohibition of marijuana. they voted to legalize a small amount of recreational pot. president trump is scheduled to release the budge. the white houseants 750 billion dollars for defense including money for a border wall and funds to create space the plan also includes cutting
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nondefense discretionary spending by 5% below the cap. 's something lawmakers have resisted in the past. nbc 4 is the place forti po this morning. i want to tell you "meet the press" with chuck todd istaoing to at 10:30 this morning. chuck and the panel will dive into a week that caused a growing divide on capitol hill. chuck will also join us in studio later this hour. so tune in for that. actress salma hayek -- or selma blair spoke up for the first time, owing up about her multiple sclerosis diagnosis. >> there's no cure. now a montgomer family wants you to know that the fight has to deal with them as well. >> we look at her -- you know, you can look at someo with mchl s. and not even know they have it. >> jennifer cunningham's sister christy was dgnosed with m.s.
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five years ago. since then she's been i and oud of hospital. it's difficult for her to walk and drive. she's married with two children. he's waiting for a stem cell transplant. her doctors believe it will give her a good chance. it comes with a $1 huh thoun transplant. it doesn't comeith a guarantee. >> when you have a sick child, it's hard. i'm trying to keep it together, you know. >> without the transplant her family fearshristy will end up in a nursing home unable to care for herself. they're now raising money to try to help with the cost. with a fund-raiser and heado ourctau nbc washington a. our best wishes to her. we're takingk a live l outside, it's a wet start to the
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great minds shop alike?
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yes. that's yes for less. yep! yes, yes, yes ,yes, yes... yes. seriously, 20 to 60 percent off department store prices every day. at ross. yes for less. your time now is 6:13. we lost an hour >> i'm still confused by all of that. but we're here and clay is here. clay egot good news. the rain is stopping and we're going to get warm today. >> warming hup. e it is. the rain showers will be moving ouin a couple more hours after after that the temperatures rise. it really starts to take off. let's go t the radar and show you what's going on. if you wham to do that morni jog west of town, you won't have too many rain drops to be if you want to go east of town, highway 50, out to our west,
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really juste drizzle. down to fairfax county, down to our south, fairfax county, rain is just about done for us. good news. after that, warm here's a snapshot of what we can expect. begin, if you're doing thatog morning walking the dog in the noon hours, temperatures rise, notice, from the 40s to the 50s. sun stas to break out in the noon hour. 6:00, temperatures will be in the mid-60s. sun doesn't set until after 7:00. temperatures in the 30s and 40s right n due to the rain showers, cloud cover. artice to the east, temperatures will ber and they will continue to be warmer. futurecast in moti t, 1:00s afternoon, rain showers are gone, sun breaks out. we're going to have clouds that move in and out in to monday. we're looking at great weather, 'seryone. hehe forecast. we'll take a look. temperatures in the 60s. a as a matter of fact, here's the
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extended, everyone. more springlike temperatures. take care. more forecasts comingup. >> we're giving you a round of applause. >> loving it. "reporter's notebook" coming up next. >> that's right. we'll be back with more top stories. good morning. i'm pat lawson muse. more people are calling complaining about calling saying they're from the irs of theme depa of justice. last year it cost half a billion dollar. whetr you're a victim or not, there are some things you need to know. consumer reporte susan hogue began is here wrapping up consumer week and also adam tuss. good morning to both of you. susan, we'll start with you. you say there are two types of schemes. what are they? >> i can guarantee you i have them. you hav them as well.
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the first is, we need your social security number or you're under arrest, a usually these are imposters, an they're so, trekky now with the spoofring. you'll see a 202 area code and you think, oh, it's coming from washington, d.c., it must be the government. arehear, and the people who the imposters themselves, the schemers, are so convincing. and especially if you know in your mind that you probably do owe theirs, you're more apt to listen and feelo scared about these things because they do threat this. an they'll tell you that we need -- you know, we will arrest you. we're going to come to your home right now. so you geto that point where you're on the edge of your seat, and they'll tell you, we can get rid of this immediately, we won't arrest you, but we needar your debit which is, of course, direct access to your cash, and we'reoing to get a wire transfer. and unfortunately as you said,n millfrysu single time.
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>> which isretty sad. sphone, but the calls keep coming. i've gotten the calls. >> thengest t do is report it to the ftc and fbi as well get it o the record. the other thing is you keep hanging up or don't even pick up the phone at l. if you see a number coming in, no matter what the number is, if you don't recognize it, don't pick it up. if you answer the phonecall, it makes that scammer realize this is a live number and they're going keep trying again. if you have elderly neighbors or realtives who might victim to this, make sure that they're irs will never -- nor will the dew point of justice will never treeaten . they will never call you. r ask for your social security number or ask for money over t phone or by email. while we're talking number, metro ridership may be slowing
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you down. they are down more than 0,000 trips day from more than a few years ago. the pressure is on thanks to the popularity of ridesharing purposesot it's only a problem for those on the metro but for those of us on the roads. >> absolutely. this goes to show you how important the metro system is for our gion. if people are not on the train or bus, then they're likely driving oraking rideshare. study after study have shown as great asyf uber and are, they're creating more problems on the road. we thought self-dri cngs are going to be great. it's going to totally elimi tte the nee be in a car. no. actually it's putting me cars on the road. it's pretty counterintuitive. all of this means in the larger scheme of things is flo has to get people to come back. a few years ago they were the
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second busiest in the country, over 7,000 trips day. that's a lot. in new york city, it was well over a mi but we were right behind that. now the numbers, because o all the construction because of maintenance, fatigue, and peoplo switching uber, lyft, rideshare, all of those kinds of ings, bikes, scooters, any other form of transportation, we're down to 600,000 trips a day on a weeky, really 6,500 is the figure that came out. that's from l july oft year. metro will tell you during that time period there wer some huge projects going on, and there were. the red line was shut down. people weren't riding in the area. the blue and silver were going down and metro was telling you not to ride. so those numbers are low, but we beeve over the years people are getting maintenance fatigue.
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they're tired of waiting for the work, tired of waiting in between trains. so people are finding othay to get around and frankly for a lot of people, pressing a butn is a l easier and you don't have to worry about a lot of things. t hard to getm once you've lost them. meanwhile riders and d.c.ho officialsere hoping to return to expanded hours ared s disappointed. the mayor is disappointed. >> yes. she made a big push to go back to late night hours. >> like everyone around the country. >> it's very clear the mayor wants to be in charge of a big city. she wants that big city feel. we are. washington is a very it metropol/cosmopolitan area and she wants the train to go along withow it. right maintenance is occurring in the mide of the nut.
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she wants the trains to go back to 3:00 a.m.ld which w cut the amount of time maintenance can be done. we have a least anotherier of this expanded railway program. thisoes back decades, i could ride a book. so many previous metromi strations that just took their eye off the ball when it came to maintains the system and that's why we're in this predicament in the first place. if you really wt tonow how important metro is to our region, look what happens when it doesn't operate for a day. i mean the whole area really kind of shuts down, and so that's where we are. it is 100% the skeletal system of our region. if it fails, we're in big trouble. >> still trying to play catchup, and it's still painfully slow, the catchup. >> yes. >> we'll be right back. stay with us. people aren't talking about how much money they saved buying giant brand chicken. they're not talking w t -savourerho
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. construction has one of metro's parking garages. it was literally sinking. it sank 4 inches. so those repairs are done, but now there's a new problem. no one knows how much the repairs will cost and who'o goingay for them. why is that? >> i mentioned a back, we could write a book. >> we only have time for a small portion of the chapter. >> this is rlly interesting. for me, i'm fascinated by this. the silver line was a whole animal in and of itself. and in order to keep the cost low, fairfax agreed to oild so the parking garages. that's what happened with this. it's not a metro project per se. entro will take it on once the line they hire a contractor, manhattan construction. they build tins it's $52 million for this parking garage. it's hu, massive, out in herndon. crewso rough. they find it's sinking. footers weren't where the design
6:24 am
specifications t called th be. they had to go through and redrill. now it's useless because they just shored the whole thing. the gd thing is the building is going to be operable and they'll be ae to go and fix it. but it's eight to ten miles behind schedule. there's definitely going to be a lawsect. you can e the repairs are in theillions of dollars, buts this all g to a larger point of why can't we just build things anymoreik you look at the silver spring transit and the silver line that has concrete issu, issues like this, the parking garage. y the quality control and overhas to be in better capacitysc when we do large projects like this. >> so we're looking at a new scheduled opening date. >> it won't need to start fung functioning until the metro line opens, and it's already been pushed back to 2020. >> yikes.
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at least they're no longer concerned about its sinking, but f us should be concerned about i.d. theft. i know i've been avictim. if you suspect you're a victim, there are four things you can do right now. >> first of all, as you said, if you have noteen a victim, it's a matter of when, not . first you need to report it to the federal government. you can get an affidavit which you can do right on tha particular document. call the company, tell them you havecuhis parr report, send it to them and you want to make sure they put a hold on anc unts that were just opened up in your name. the first thing you want to do is contact all three credit bureaus.t them know fraud has occurred. the foushlg thing you should do which is what you should have done all the while is safeguard your credit in the first place. my feeling is it's better late than never at this point.
6:26 am
remember, you and i talked about it this week in one of our reports. to freeze your credit repos. it's now free. the federal government made it free so you can -- it's so easy to do. you literally go onto experian, transunion, equifax, and it will say right there, freeze your credit report. go ahead and do that. it's free as i say. a firsthand you're applying for a loan or credit card, have to do is ask the company -- say you're applying.k ashem what credit bureau do you use to check credit, they'll let you no. you go into that one, unfreeze it. it literally is a click of a button and you can click a time frame. if you think it's three days they're goi to be checking your credit, do it for three days or four days a youon't have to worry about it. they'll freeze it for you. >> we talked earlier about the scam season. it's become one of the top complaints that attorneys general are gettingll over the
6:27 am
country. >> absolutely. and this is y --'re desperate. if you have thousands of dollars in debt,-ou really it's overwhelming. so oftentimes you will reach out companies. you see them advertised all over tv, all over facebook everywhere, and it says, we can negotiate a settlement for you, wean low ur your debt. here ooh is a couple things you need to know. in 20 the ftc made it illegal for any company to charge you an up front fee. so if you get a company that says the need to charge you a fee, hang up. you don't want toeal with them. if you decide to use a debt relief company, a couple of things you need to know. it's going to cost you. it will take years for this particular debt to go away. most often they start with $7,500 up to $25,000 in debt, and you are paying afee, but you're going to watch your credit score tank because the
6:28 am
first thing you is stop paying all of your credit cards and so it goes i righto delinquency because these companies then say they'll negotiate and say, listen, getting something is better than nothing. that's how they reaa settl settleme settlement. meantime for seven years this sits on your r creditort and it tanks. the best thing you can do is do it yourself and do it for ee. negotiate with your credit card companies, lower rates, t to open up a zero percent credit card if you can for 1 month8 mo. there are so many things you can do. thehi best is don't use your credit cards. use cash. really good advice. >> those things can disrupt your life for such a long, long time. finally, if you frequeny usehe memorial bridge, work t fix and restore the bridge is progressing nicely piece by piece. right now tf center the bridge is going throughy extremel careful cleaning and restoration. adam, you could say it' getting
6:29 am
more than a makeover. lifeng a new lease on >> the interesting thing is, yes, it's a bridge. but the national parks service will tell you it's a memorial. it's a memorial to our veterans and symbiotic to the north and south and it's being treated. it has to be cleaned. they kind of sliced it apart piece by piece very carefully d it's all been labeled. the granite, which is from north carolina and is 90 years old is being shipped up to this yard in northern marlboro piece by piece and it will goack i the same spot. >> that's fascinating. >> it is. they're doing half of the bridge o fall and then they'll do the other hal the bridge. there was a strukt result issue. we went inside and saw the steel. it's paper thin. it took an o act congress to get the money appropriated to get the bridge fixed, which is
6:30 am
amazing because it's not only important to our r but to the country. the bridge itself is getting fixed. it's interesting to see theak paing detail they're going through. little chips are being repaired an b putk in place. >> meanwhile the paying people who nmally use the bridge are having to find other ways to get around. >> goes to the infrastructure of our country. for your a long time we haven't kept up with the maintenance needs. it's a good thing it's getting fixed. no pain no gain. >> adam tuss and susan hogan, thk you. that's reporters' notebook. "news4 today" continues. > at 6:30 on this sunday morning, here's what we're
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llowing. a body found. why deputies are staying on top of the. homici and we have new information about two crime scenes. plus it's been 12 years since fbi ajnlt bob levinson has been seen. family is tryhis dog to find him. your clocks aren't wrong. it i 6:31. 6 k34r 6:31. it's daylight savings time. we've got that cleared away. >> change your if you're waking up to us, good morning to you. i'm megagan fitzgerald. >> and i'm adam tuss. clay anderson has the weather. what have you got. >> bring on the heat, clay. absolutely. e heavy rain we had overnight is all but gone, movg out of the area. folks across the shenandoah
6:32 am
valley are starting to see the dry air move in from the west. buttill lingering showers. "storm team 4" radar is picp showers. it looks like the showers are moving away to the east from us. washington, just some drizzle. roads are still rather damp across the roadway. notice the bulk of the rain. baltimore, two point o east acro area. what can you expect? showers will be ending by mid morning, cloudy skies until early afternoon, but sun returns and there's the word. >> thank you very >>much. we're learning new information about a gruesome discovery. >> that's ght. we're told a stafford county sheriff's deputy found a body early yesterday morning and they're asking for your help in sothis homicide case. we're told the deputy was driving down river road near
6:33 am
john lee pratt park wn heade the discovery. he fnd the body a the resident who could not have been sturbed at the point. >> we're very relieved. people could havepo stumbled it if they were out for a morning jog. this tattoo is on this man's left forearm. anyone who might know who that person is should call the stafford countysh iff's office. this morning we're learning about multiple late night shootings. one man has been left in critical condition. police say he was found near gallatin northwest. a second scene was a short distce away in an alley near georgia avenue.el residents tls "news4" that's where they heard multiple gunshots. a few hours later another
6:34 am
shooting around midnight. just few blocks away from a all of that in the 5400 block of icnorthwest, p say they reresponsibled to another shooting just after midnight yesterday. they neat your help spiending the car you see onsc youen. take a closer look. police say the man was shot several times. he is expected to be okay. do call police ifogou rze this car. an elderly woman's oxygen tank m have contruted to a deadly house fire in maclean. klaus found smoke coming from this home near brook haven on tu ay. they heard a lounge explosion. some neighbors say they saw oxygen tanks being delivered to the home earlier in the day, but it's unclear if the tanks caused a fire. meanwhile we bring you a deadly crash that occurred yesterday police say a woman got on i-95
6:35 am
and started driving the wrong way on pder mill road. police have notreleased her name. three other people were hurt in that fcrash. >>lowing the latest after a police chase in downtown silver spring, the chase ended with a crash and an arcest. the poried to make a stop on georgia avenue yesterday afternoonhen the driver took off and crashed into a pole. police arrested one personar in the c who had an outstanding warran two others got away. the time right now, 6:35. the fbi and the family of its retired ajnlt bob levinson are renewing their fight to find him. his family appeared on capitol hill last wee pleading for his safe return. levinsonis vd while on an unauthorized cia mission. the fbi is offering $5 million
6:36 am
for information leading tois whereabouts. arey say, quote, bob is and always will be a of the fbi family and we share the heartache bob's wife and family have shared for the last 12 years. his 71st birdaday is a chilly morning turned out to b a perfect running day for the rockroll marathon f yesterday. they ran through the strts of the district. we have a repeat winner this year. tylerre and from cambridge, massachusetts, came in first. he was followed by d.c.'s own aaron cramer and a d.c. man came in third am woman came info thi owed by a runner from newark and the third place was anna boomer from mclean, virginia. >>atulations for fini finishing. >> for sure. there's a newy. brewer
6:37 am
take a look here. our crews were there yesterday for openingday. how come no one tutd me a ta. i would have been right there. hundreds lined up to get their first taste o the beer. they're located a couple ofoc bl from t metro station. they offer a variety of beers later l open a kitchen this year. then you can go down to union market after that. make it a whole day. >> i think cory put tt on his list. he was there. taking a live look outside the asnbcngton studios, guess what. it's warmingup. clay anderson will be telling us how high the temperatu s are going to go. the
6:38 am
6:39 am
6:40 am
they're creating some serious divides among democrats on the hill. >> that's right. this week the focus was on
6:41 am
israel, but over the past few months tensions have been bubbling over. a lot to talk about? a lot to talk about. of course, the main man is here to talk about it, chuck todd. chuck, what does this mean for the presidential electn in 2020 and for a possibly candidate like joe biden jumping in? >> i think you see a basic fight. you have this younger proyes, sirrive left who says your way traditional democrat s got us donald trump. they say, whoa, whoa, whoa, did you watch 2018? our way won all the voters. that's the larger fight. so then every little thing that happens is sort of a part ofr that lar fight. so you saw the issue with israel, part of that larger fight. biden versus bernie in some ways, part of that larger fight. so i think that's really what we're seeing here. i think those on the lef see
6:42 am
the progressive opportunity and they think there's never been a weakeren potential opp in donald trump, and so that means you can get a progressive candidate hiected. i the moderates are sitting there says, what are you talking about? why do you want to flift with a potential second term for donald yump? >> saw that in the last election. >> they did. remember all those alysts who said, they'd better be careful. he may never win. >> that'spl why p say joe biden. >> good luck bernie. >> rit. >> a saf bet in that he's got like the guts, if you will, u t against a donald trump. he sees it. here's the problem for joe biden. the best asset, he's been in the mainstream for 50 years. the biggest liability is he's been in the mainstream for0 years. when you'll hear hisab comments t bussing, the crime bill of 20 years ago, bussing, 50 years
6:43 am
ago, itnds out of touch to today's ear. did he say anything then tha was considered controversial then? not really. but we're in a different time. how does that play. that goes to the argument that the younger democrats are saying, you conditional -- you know, yu'ou've got to move forward. he's a 20th century democrat. it is a different party. >> it's going to beci fting to see it all come together. let's talk about michael flcohen br his testimony talking about the pardon and what was happening here. between he and the president, it's hardo make sense with what's going >>on. look. make michael cohen the first biest, if you will, their first big witness to bring befo -- to make the case against the president. yes, he's winning the credibility contest or did at a firsinst the president, but
6:44 am
this is a matter of not the most credible ople. and do think the president realized seeing the poll that show cohen more credible than him and they've been undermining cohen's credibility, it doesn't help tpresident, but it lowers cohen down a little bit. i do thinkt puts democrats in a lower spot. you can't take michael cohen's word on anything.e you hav to take it. >> he has his own history. but asar as a pardon, it seems less likely the president will pardon him. >> my gut on manafort tries to do a commuting of his sentence versus us, butlet's s what the totality of manafort's scene is. >> sure. >> he does have another court hearing nex week that could add more years to his prison term. >> ex htly. >> if were to pardon -- ett's say hypoally, if he were to part p manafort, is it state of new york --
6:45 am
>> it's possible the state of new york could bring charges and at would complicate it more, but in the meantime, he could be outf jail. i think he's concerned about one thing, getting out of jail. >> what else will you tal about? >> we've got liz chaney, one of the few who voted against the resolution. we'll talk about that. and adamschiff. >> all right. good show coming up. chuck, we appreciate you stopping by. we remind you "meet the press" coming up every sunday right here at 10:30 after "news4 today." chuck, thank you so much. a little closer to arlington, there's code word spreading around the bars there. >> it's part of an effort toeo keepe safe and prevent sexual assad. "news4's" drew wilders expla how it all works. >> reporter: here's how it works. first, participating bars will have this flyer postedr eit behind the bar or in a restroom. if at any point during your
6:46 am
night you're feeling threatened or uncomfortable, you can go to the bar staff and say, hey, is angela working tonight. that knows they can pull you aside, get you away fromny possible threat and from there they'll ask you if you need help. >> it's a discreet way of letting the bartend know or waitress know that something is not right. >> repter: awe tom jones works systems.ual assault she's training staff on how to approach potential sexual assault situations. this is in coordination with arlington county policeus >> we wantess to be successful and part of that is creates an atmosphere where bargoers go. re training: the how to respond to that which is simply offering the patron the optionwao get from that situation or even calling police if the patient requests.
6:47 am
>> the restaurant staff shouldi promote they should let everyone know we're an ask for angela establish millionaire and you should feel safe walking into that establishment. >> reporter: to see a full list, look for the story on reporting in washington, drew wild eric "news4." t>> i like concept. >> interest. everyone has to be more safe in this day and age for sure. everything you can do. let's turn our attention to weather. clay, a little dreary overnight, but it's going to get better today. >> everyone loves when it rains overnight, gets it out of the way, and then sunshine.or lookingrd to a very nice sunday, everyone. we'll have the extra hour ofsu ight. >> that's what i'm talking about. >> 40 degrees currently, the temperature outs he. we doe a few rain showers to speak of and we'll show you that on the radarno right but the good news is it continues to exit stage left and the east ast for
6:48 am
coast, new york, philadelphia. we're drying out gradually. out to our west, those traveling in cincinnati, chicagoland, if you've got flights moving out t o the west, no worries across that area, because ph is in command and has circulation around there and that will bring us delightful weather. some rain showers north to west, leesburg picking up a few rain showers across the bridge. into o areas dover, maryland, to our eastern shore picking up showers, but the dry air willll grad move in. we'll have clouds. after that, let's take a look at ho much rain we picked up. picked up almost a half inch of ra forbaltimore, hagerstown. 4.0. out to the west, not as much because the high pressure moves area. the let's talk about the temperatures, everyone. 40 degrees right now.
6:49 am
that doesn't seem notice to the west, temperatures picking up in the 50s. they're an ur early willer than we were. 53, columbus, ohio, in lexington, kentucky. 50s will move our way. after the 50s, charl storngs west virginia, almost forgot.lm they'ret 50 already. those temperatures are coming our way. we're looking fward to great weather. if you want to do jogging or walking, by the noon hour, not too bad. clos to 60 degrees will dry out. the evening walk, evening t strollperatures in the mid-60s. temperatures outside right no t 30s and 40s. they will be warming up as we continue throughout the day. with that we'll talk forecast. future weather shows it dries out during the afternoon hours, which is simply fantastic. we'll have a mixture o clouds and sunshine. overnight tonight, it will clear out. we'll pick up more clouds fornd . monday, we'll have the high pressure, still have southwesterly winds, which means
6:50 am
we'll have springlike at tempes. let's take a deep breath and tack look at these temperatures for today.w i k you're tired of looking at this, everyone. some of you still vnl changed your clocks. if you're watching, you know what time is it. time to wake up and get busy, but you'll enjoy it. we'll continue sprveglike the next several days, back into the 60s chae of rain thursday into friday. but notice 59, 60degrees. temperatures cool down a touch but they'll recover as we go through a dryeekend and we'll through a dryeekend and we'll ♪arm up.
6:51 am
6:52 am
it hasn't always been easy, has it? ♪ there have been days when you doubted yourself. ♪ and days when you were ready to quit. ♪ but you didn't. ♪ because you had the courage to venture into something powerful. education. if i leave you with just three words of advice: never...stop...growing. [cheering]
6:53 am
a budget unveils and an economic report and a new tesla all in the week ahead. the white house is expected to release its proposal for next year. expect big cuts paired with big increase in defense spending. b it willin a budget debate that's likely to continue
6:54 am
through the fall. thursday will be a busy day with earningh reports w visits from oracle and others. also watching earlier in the week, volkswagen and adidas. fresh retail figures will give investors even more to trade on thursday. last week's retail reports with the biggest decline sin 2009. inflation data for both consumer and whole sale prices are out during the week. finally tesla expands its product line. the y will be unveiled. it's an suv that will%ost more than the model 3 sedan. goingike the model 3, your hands on one may take a while. teslaoesn't expec to release the y until next year. it's lekly picker. get all of your business news o cnbc. it's hard to think of cherry blossom season with the cold, the winter. >> the snow. >> a little bit.
6:55 am
>> finally you'll be able to see it. we have more oor the int dates on peak bloom. >> reporter: old man still has a firm grip on d.c., but head to the tidal basin and look closely. no. a little closer. you'll see budding signs of good things to come. >> this is almost christmas as fars we're concerned. >> and the projected dates are april 3rd through 6th. >> reporter: in a month's tim the distract will once again look pretty in ping as thousands of cherryre ballossoms will rea peak bloom, if what they predict is good. >> as your meteorologists know, that's not an exact science. >> reporter: it's clear cherry blossom fever is already sweeping through d.c. there will be celebrities and swag and president diana magnitogorsk in her 19th year.
6:56 am
thisill never get old to me this is the first time it's ever been done. eachier they create w, exciting, innovative events. >> reporter: it's kept people coming back for much of the 40 years. >> it's like the lincoln memorial. there's sething special about living in washington and being able to experience this. >> reporter: in a city where we spend so much time following manmade politics, it's nice to view. >> it's the sd.c.e of washington. side. e happy >> agrewed. it's one of the best parts about the city. >> the first time you see it up beautiful. >> and all the events, flying kites, do at wille pick nik, and
6:57 am
then you're celebrating spring. warm. finally getting warm. >> finally getting warm. >> we'll take it. >> we like the heat. we have much more ahead on "news4 today." >> that include as look at your hour-by-hour forecast with "storm tea4" meteorologist clay anderson. ♪ at outback, your steak & lobster by popular demand,and.steakk starting at only $15.99. hurry in to outback! and try our everyday lunch combos, starting at $7.99.
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7:00 am
gunfire in the it in. a man is r thed tohe hospital after being shotwen north d.c. just a few blocks away from another crime scene. t.e a lo this brutal crash scene is all that's left in st. mary's county. now the ttoryes a deadly turn. once again r. kelly is out of jail, but there are questions about his release, like where did the bail money come from. >> for sure we want to welcome you in. it's 7:00. daylight saving time. welcome in. i i'mm atuss. >> i'm meagan fitzgerald. you did lose an hour. the good news, more daylight a temperatures are warming up. >> yeah. y to talk more c about that. what do you say, clay? yes, we're going to have warmer temperatures particularly in through the week. temperatures are moving out of the area slowly but surely. we're pking up light showers
7:01 am
from outside the beltway, inside the belt by, but thek of the showers is moving out of the area. we give you the big pictur overnight rain came down across the entire area and as a result we picked up in some spots close to a half inch of rain. still light rain showers noted. montgomery, into fairfax, virginia, picking up lightsh ers. the bulk of the rain is done and it will continue to move to the east and dry o st. with that, a quick snapshot of your morning as we go from the 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. shower. i had a.m. showers until 9:00 a.m. if you're doing a jog, the roads will be pretty wet. 50s and they go to the 60s. we'll have your full frast in just a few moments. meagan and adam, it's back to
7:02 am
you. all 157 people onboard a commercial flight died when the plane crashed. there were passengered from 33 countries on board. the plane was headed to nairobi, kenya. we'll track the story all trning long and bring you updates asy become available. also developing this morning, we're working to learn more about multiple late night shootings in d.c. >> that's right. one man was found in critical condition near gallatin and northwest around 8:00 last night. the second scene was a short distan away in an ally at georgia avenue. that's where residents say t heard multiple gunshots. thenno there was ather shooting around midnight. no word on whether the shootings are connected and no word on any arrest. ju a few blocks away from that in the 54 block of ninth street police responded to another shooting just after midnight, a they nee your help finding the car you see on
7:03 am
the scene. police say a man was shot several times. d 's expec be okay. call d.c. police if you recognize his car. an elderly woman's oxygen tank could be to blame for a deadly house fire on khbren drive around noon yesterday. neighbors say they heard a loud explosion. some residents saw oxygen tks bein delivered to the home early willer in the day, but it's not at clear if they were r to blame the house fire. a woman died this weekend. this is video ofhe aftermath in lexington rk. 87-year-old carol anderson of leonardtown w killed. the driver crossed the center line on pegg road and slammed into anderson's red volkswagen vehicle. savoy has been wanted on several
7:04 am
outstanding warrants. police found a handgun on him after the crash. he's in the hospital in critical condition. we have a deadly crash to bring you from yesterday morning. maryland pole tell us a woman got on 95 and started driving the wrong way. this happened near powder mill road in beltsville. she diedt the scene. police have not released her name. three other people wer hurt in the crash. now to a scary situation from a woman in d.c. she was getting into a rideshare late friday morning when a man allegedly abused her and tried to take her backpack. this happened in the 200 block of p street near the fridship public charter school armstrong campus. the i suspect broadis johnson. police are trying to track him
7:05 am
down. r. kelly i out of jail. someone made a pimt on his behalf. here's look at himeaving the cook county jail in illinois yesterday. he was put in jail after he couldn't payis back child support. he's charged with ten accounts of abuse of women, four, three of whom are minors he spoke to reporters yesterday. take a listen to what he had to say. >> i ploms you, we're going to raighten all this stuff right now. that's all i can say right now.i i pro you. >> and your fans? >> i love my fans. >> kelly has plead not guilty to those sexual abuse charges against him. this morning a publisher of a newspaper is facingraud charges. he's accused of lying to investors. he defrauded investors in tribute media group, a company he controls
7:06 am
he originally lied about the value and existence of advertising contractsmp the y had. investors or investigators rather also believe h lied about how much money he and others invested in the company. if convicted reynolds could face decades in prison. we turn our attention to politics now as we head to the 2020 presidential election. a lot of theemocratic hopefuls are embracing the push to legalize marijuana. >> yes. california's senator camela harris says legalizing potd is, quote, the right thing tone do. jersey senator cory booker has sponsored a bill to legalize 'smarijuana. eing supported by fellow senators kristin gill brand, elizabeth warn, bernie sanders, and former texas congressman beto o'rourke who many believe may enter race, who's calling for the end of the prohipgs of marijuana.
7:07 am
you may remember theyo voted legalize small amounts of recreational marijuana. meantime president trump is gett scheduled to release his budget next week. now t white house wants 50 billion for defense including money for a borderall and funds to create a space force. an administration official says itde inc cutting nondiscretion anywhere spenldsing. that's something lawmakers have sisted in the past. nbc 4 hosts "meet the press" right here at 10:30. chuck and his panel wil a dive ineek that saw a growing divide among democrats on capitol hill. that's later this morning right after "news4 today." actress selmalair recently made headlines at the oscars, opening up forhe first time about her multiple sclerosis diagnosis. >> it's an often debilitating disease of the central nervous
7:08 am
systemhat affected 2 million people around the world and there's no a montgomery family knowsthe fioo well? you can look at someone with m.s. and not know they have it. >> jennifer cunningham's sister christy wasiaosed five years ago. since then she's been in and out of the hospital. difficult to walk and drive.e' married with two kids. christy is now iting for a stem cell trance planlt. oe comes wh a $100,000 price tag. it't always cover this type of treatment. >> the next line is the stem hell. none of medications are working. >> you know, when you have it, it's so hard. he>> without transplant, her family fears christy will end up in a nursing home, unable to
7:09 am
care for hersel's th why they're now raising money to help with the costs. they're doing fund-raisers and options. if yu want more information about this, go to our nbc washington app. >>ll the best to them. >> right now, 7:09. change your clocks if you haven't done so alady. 40 degrees. we're going up today. >> up, up, and up. still on "news4 today," we're working to hp you save money on your next target run. what yu need to know to save me cash. so
7:10 am
7:11 am
. we're working to help you save money on your next trip to target. >> susan hogan reports on spending less and it's probably in your hand right now. the secret lies right in the target app. take a look. >> reporter: who doesn't like target. >> i like target. >> i like their prices.
7:12 am
b i'm a fan of target. >> reporter: did you know shopping in the store cou you more than if you bought the same item on target's website or app? >> i didn't know that. >> online would be cheaper than the store itself. >> what do you think aboutth? >> that's a problem. >> reporter: we wanted to see how much we would save from the app than in the store. we did some comparison shopping online. thisoothpaste was $6.99 in the stored a but just $4.89 onthne. sunscreen will cost you nearly 13 bucks in the store, butt jus over $7 if you buy it in the app. and this black panther p, you can save a couple of bucks off a $20 instore price if you order it online. we paid in total $225 for these n teitems shopping in store, but we cou have saved 30 bucks by just ordering them online and picking them up in store two hourste but what if you like to shop in
7:13 am
the store and you want to pick out your o items. there is a way to get the low prices, but there's a wa n >> what yd to do is turn off locion services in the target app. that way they don't know you're in the store and they'll think you yore line. when you check out, go to guest services and ask them to match the prices? okay. i'm going to check that out. >> especially if it saves me more time from shopping online and saving mone y >> reporte can use the extra cash to sab on the fun things that weren't on your list thatnded up in you cart anyway. >> they want t keep you out of the target because once you go in the target, you ooher go doing to spend money. that's exactly it. >> we asked target why many of their items are less online. they sem us a stament that says, in part, quote, we'remm ted to finding value to our guests and that includes
7:14 am
being competitive online and it store. guests can save 5% by using their red card. >> these ooh true. itike tar very much. >> yeah, i do too juft ahead on "news4 today," a beloved member of the "news4" team is battling cancer. we take a look at joe krebs and how he's doing as he undergoes -ah, the old crew! remember when we all used to go to the cafeteria and just chow down midday? -you mean, like, lunch? -come on. voted "most likely to help people swsave $668 when thech." -at this school? -didn't you get caugma in the laminatinine? -ha. [ sighs ] -"box, have a great summer danielle." ooh. danielle, control yourself.
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7:17 am
elcome back at 7:16. a beloved member of our station is battling cancer. >> joe krebs was diagnosed with cancer a few yearsago. longtime friend and co-anchor barbara hrison has more on his dream and brave fight. >> good morning. >> good morning. good toe here. is it go doing be painful? >> >>no. eporter: joe krebs with husband unfailing good nature is up f the next rounds and a disease not in his favor. in his years as a reporter and anchor at nbc 4 in washington, his serious approach to covering hard news covered with always affable style and qtck wi made for winning odds with the morning team. when he retired in 2012, we knew joe was eager to use his unflagging energy to travel more on his bicycle and to far off
7:18 am
destinations with his wife marilyn. we didn't see a lot of traveling joe. but on friday in 2017 he w heading back to the studio for long-time coworker tom kierein when he abrupt willing called in sick. >> i was so sick i couldn't move. it was digestive problems, pains in my stomach and abdomen airy. >> reporter: he saw his doctors, tests, a mammogram, and an mri. >> right after my doctor called in and said i want you to come in and talk to me. >> the only cure would be surgery. >> reporter: surgery couldn't be an option if it spread to other organs. >> if we can't do surgery, we're talking monls, not year and we were both sitting there, and i immediately thought, this is july. >> yeah. >> was thinking, may not see thanksgiving. it was really anncredible kick
7:19 am
in the gut. >> devastating. we got our life together by coming to an end. >> reporter:as the surgery successful but about ten months later it was discovered it indeed spread to the lungs. there was surge are i to remove the lesions and chemotherapy, butonths afternoon that, more were discovered. this time he's back at georgetown hospital to begin the fight again. this time they will try a differt weapon in the arsenal against this lethal disease. >> we have to reconstruct the images of th last scan we did. while he's doing that, i'm going to give you orta too. >> okay. >> he's being marked for intense radiation dreams that will bun wiin this ma the cyber knife, relatively knew in treating pancreatic cancer sth this machine delivers high doses periodation over a sho of time. doses are so high it has a very
7:20 am
good chance at eradicating the tumor. >> reporter: joe plans to keep up the fight. mary lynn is standing by him. heants to keep up the battle but remember to enjoy his life >> i want to do what i love but live the best life possible. anwant to live in the now. that's what i to do. >> such a fighte rbara says joe has not slowed down between cancer dreams. he and mary lynn will hecht down to the ga lap lohse and mon pew pea chew. >> he will keep doing wha he's doing. >> it reminds me of theong "live like you're dying." just the idea he's going to live every moment. one of theicest guys. unbelievable. clay, you've worked with m. >> i had an opportunity to work
7:21 am
with him and a barbara tom kierein in my former stint here. he's exactly as he appears to be. always strong, as always there. joe, we'reyo with >> absolutely. the temperatures are going to rise very fast. we're going to head up. yeah. we're looking at areas in the ohio valley already in the 50s. out to our wesat those tempes will be coming our way as soon as we get rid of the rain showersndoving into sunshine. notice that we do have some low clouds as we'rerying to break through. the sun is up, every one. still light drops and drizzles as we'll show you. nothe picking up bulk of the rain. we're picking up light rain shows but the bulk of the rain is moving to our east, baltimore, dover, ando points our east. showers will be heading by mid clmorning. ds will hang around until the noon hour, but then in the take off, temperatures from the 50s to the 60s.
7:22 am
let's start talking about that right now. rain showers across the ar. ra for the most part picked up close to a half an inch inome areas, but as we enjoy the day today from the morning to the afternoon, temperatures in the 50s to the 60s bethe evening. it just gets great from there. temperatures rat because of the cloud cover. as we move the clouds out of the area with the if u tur weather by monday, mor sunshine actually for your monday than what we will experience today. here's the foreca, evan. four hours, sunday. make sure you move the clocks. it will take a few days, but you'll enjoy it. 67 today, 60 tomorrow. 50 52, 59 degrees. guess what? we're moving across. speaking of 1 novemberh is national take a hike day. at a-a-r-p, we're all about hikes and other things to keep you healthy. it's why we offer health tips for your body, and your brain. today is your day to make fitness happen.
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7:25 am
now the news in philadelphia that doesn't have to do with bryce harper. starting july 1st they have to take your cash. they have to. and your town -- >> hey. why -- how are we not going just -- how are we going to do away with cash altogether. sbusiness ownho doan comply are going to pay fines. some argue it'sinefficient and invites theft. it hurts customers who don't have checking or online savings accounts. >> i see both sides, but there
7:26 am
are still people who budgeith cash. people do the envelope system. people do debit cards. but people don't bring cash. >> i think philadelphia takes the lead. >> here we go. philadelphia. snfl' best free agent has a new home. is he? i guess he is. former receiver antonio bwn iso heading westjoin the raiders. >> oh, is he?er >> stes have a verbal agreement. the raiders have also agreedve gihe search-time pro bowl receive ear big bonus when he officially sips with the team on it will be interesting to see how jon gruden deals with him. that'stt a p big personality to manage out there. meantime i want to talk about j.lo. jep fehr lopez and alex rodriguez are engaged. >> one question. did you see the ring? >> it's huge.
7:27 am
>> it's massive. take a look. you've got to look at this. according to "people" magazine, the couple are vacationing in the bahamas and that's where a-rod popped the question. some estimate the valley of that ring a about a million bucks. they've been dating for two years. autiful, lovely. >> no word on when the wedding might be. no doubt it will be huge and meagan and i will try to get on the guest list. >> we'll treat. >> congratulations to them. j.londa-rod. >> hope that works out for them. cute couple. we're taking a live look outside. it looks dreary, but we've got extra hour of daylight and we're warming up. if you're in for that, you're in if
7:28 am
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7:30 am
at 7:30 on this sunday morning, we're learning new informing about a man found fed ricksburg. why police are treating this as a homicide. several shootings late nate in the district. we have new information. >>ee plus, it's 12 years since fbi agent bob levinson has been en. find out why his family is trying to find him.e and do want to welcome
7:31 am
you in on this sunday morning. we hope you sprunghead to 7:30. >> right. >> we're definitely still a usting the clocks here little bit, but that's okay. good morning to you. adam tuss. >> good morning to you. i'm meagan fitzgerald. clay anderson is standing by. you've got goo news. >> remember friday we were talking wet snow? snowing frid we hadhe rain. yesterday, cloudy all day. rain overnight last night. >> >> it's file for good news. it starts out with the radar. the rain occurred overnight. it dropped to close to a half inch of rain. it's continuing to move away from us, moving expect stage . ea as it does, high pressure will take control from the west. all of the ingredients, warm sunshine. picking u light rain showers, pesky rain showers down
7:32 am
interstate 95. but out to our west, they're starring to dry out across the region and we will start to pick up. it is sunday morning. an opportunity for morning showers. have a cup of coffee. wait until after 9:00. it wille dampn the roads. by 11:00, 12:00 and ler we'll warm from the 40s to the 50s and 60s.or completeast in just a few minutes. back to you. >> all right. clay. thank y very much. we're learning new informing about a gruesome discovery. >> we're told a stafford sheriff's county deputy found a body yesterday morning. we're told the deputy was driving down river node near john lee pratt park when he made that disturbing discovery. here's video of that area. officials are glad the deputy found the body and not someone else who could have been just walking by. >> we're very fortunate there was a deputy on patrol.
7:33 am
iteould h been traumatizing for a community member to wstumble upon itther they were out for a morning jog or walking along here. >> tak a look. the sheriff's department says a tattoo is on t man's left forearm. anyone who might know w it is should call the stafford county eriff's department. new this morning, we're learning about multiple late night shootings in the district. on man was left in critical condition. police say he was found n gallatin and 9th street northwest. a sond was a scene in an alley war georgia avenue and residents say thatre they heard multiple gunshots. a few hours later, another shooting. noord if the shootings are connected and no word whether e police made an arrest. a few blocks south of that nded to thatey res
7:34 am
another shooting. they need help finding the car you see on your screen. let's take a closer look. police say a man was shot several times. he is expected to beay do call metro police if you recognize this car here. an eldly woman's oxygen tank med have contrib to a deadly house fire in ghters found flames and smoke coming from this homear nd noon on saturday. neighbors say they heard sirens d a loud explosion. some residents say they had seen oxygen tanks deliv ed to the but earlier in the day, it's unclear if the tanks cthsed deadly fire. maryland state police tell us that a woman gn 95 and started driving the wrong way. this happened near powder mill road in beltsville. they say she struck three cars before her car burst into flames. she died at the scene. police have not released her name. three p otherple were hurt in
7:35 am
the crash. that's scary. >> we're following a wild chase in downtown silver spring. the chase ended with a crash and one arrest. montgomery county police say they tried to make a routine stop on georgia avenue yesterday afternoon when the driver of this car took off and crashed into apole. police arrested one person in the car who had had an outstanding warrant. two others got away. >> the time right now is 7:35. the f and the family of one of its retired agents bob levinson areorying renew their efforts to find him. his family appeared on capitol hill last week pleading for his safe return. levinson vanished on an unauthorized cia mgs. the fbi is offering $1 million for information on his w whereabouts. they released a statement.
7:36 am
levinson's 71st birthday is today. a chilly morning turned out erto be the pfect running weather for those folks in the ck 'n' roll marathon yesterday. they woke up early to run either the full or half marathon through thef streets d.c. we had aepeat winner this year. tyler andrews from cambridge, massachusetts, he came in first place. he's followed by d.c.'s own aaron crime eric and the from baltimore came in third. on the ladies sierksd a woman from chapel hill came in first followed be i a runner from newark and the third place winneras anna busser from mclean, virginia. tions to them >> congratulations to anyone who just finished the match. >> no kidding. huge accomplishment. there's a new buy iy ry bree district. take a look. hundreds ofeople lined up to get their first taste of freshly
7:37 am
brewed beer. wher is it, you say? m street a few blocks from the metro station. they offer a o variety beers kitchen later this year. a buriry y brewery rer ery is a big deal. >> the area is a big deal. your time is 7:37. temperatures are about 40.ay says things are heating up. >> very fast. still ahead on "news4," we're working f your health. doreen gentzler discovering what doctors are finding with young people after
7:38 am
7:39 am
> in "news4 your health," snart phones have been around long enough for doctors to see the kind of t impacty're having on your children's eyes that they're seeing dry eye,
7:40 am
nearsightedness in kids, and tht damage c be reversed. >> that's right. that's scary. doreen gentzler is working on a story that every parent needs to tesee. >> rep for the first time in history, you see these glands ppearing in young people and it's making us nervous. it's getting hard to find a child who isn't glued to some type of device, rrt doctors all this technology is taking a serious toll on their eyes. dr sandra cramers is an on that mall joft at visionary doctors in maryland. >> we find screen time is t biggest culprit of why some children seem to beosing thei gla my boehmian glands. >> reporter: chances are you've never heard of my boehmian glands. >> they're key. these glands are priceless. >> reporter: the top picture here is what thosedlands sho look like. >> they should look like white
7:41 am
piano keys. >> reporter: but this is what more and moreeing of and in younger patients? the bottom patient is a 17-year-old on screens on average eight hour as day. >> reporter: the problem,oo much not blinking time. >> when you don't blink, you don't milk the oil gland and this oil gland is similar to the milk gland of the cow. if you don't milk the cow, it's to dry up. >> reporter: if the my boehmian glands dry u and disappear, it can lead to burning pain, itching, and even cornual hiar tissue. even worse, damage can't be undone. >> it's kind of a race against timeecause aging will make those glands disappear. >> reporter: there are some things you can do like the 20-20-20 rule, every 20 minutes
7:42 am
you and your child should look away from t screen and out a within doerr or look at an object 20 feet in the distance for 20 seconds. also avoid watching tablets or computers in brightly lit areasp to hel protect against eye strain. doreen against ler, "news4." as it turns out the blue light emitted by smartphones, tvs, ma also be part of the problem. >> reporter: there are speci glasses that can help block it out. it's another reason to avoid thy screens wh can, play outside. it's difficult, you know. it is definitely difficult. >> it's something to think about. we're always on our phones. it's. uft the culture that true. you know what else is the culture? heading into spring is warmer temperatures. "storm team 4" meteorologist clay anderson will join ust to s know about these temperatures going up. plus, new ways to keep you safe while in arlington.
7:43 am
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7:46 am
here's how it works. this poster might be located a barr restroom. if at any point you're feeling uncomfortable, you can go to the bar and ask if angelas working. they'll pull yu aside and ask you if a you need help. >> it's a discreet way of letting the bartender know or waitress know something is notg >> reporter: she's training staff at spirit of 76 in clarendon on how to approach sexual assault situations. this training is in coordination with the arlington county lice. >> we want business to be successful. we want to createer an atmos where bargoers feel safe. >> reporter: you can a for angela in any situation that makes you feel uncomfortable, a bad date or an assault. they're offering the p ron the option to get away from that
7:47 am
situation or even calling police if the patron eprequests. >>ter: the restaurant staff should promote it. they should know that we're an ask for angela establish millionaire and you should feeli safe w into that establishment. >> reporter: to see a full list, look for this story on reporting in clarendon, drew stafford, "news4." >> it's interesting. if you don't know how to respod it, you're in trouble. >> it's a great idea. it's an opportunity for people to get ihelp. lets people know they're not alone when they're out. >> very co. >> exactly. >> clay, we all want to see you because you've got news for us. >> i do, i do. i think folks thought it was going to stop at 6:30. so let me say when we go to the tradar that even thoug radar acrossshowing heavy rain
7:48 am
the area where you see green, it is raining. where you d't see green, it still could be some light rain, some light izzle. we just picked up some showers here. notice in the area, clinton, maryland, out to the east, owers poppedup. there are some showers across the area. don't worry,yo ev. it will be drying throughout the day. throughout the afternoon. overnight torn, and in to tomorrow. there's sunshine and warmer temperatures. how much rain has fallen in the area? closing in on half an ch. not farbehind, annapolis, and hagerstown, up to c to a half inch of rain. we had a soaking last night. e of the reasons why it's so cool in our area is because of the rain soaked atmosphere. ocean city, 47 degrees. just t our west. it has now jumped with sunshine. 60 degrees in charleston, west virginia.
7:49 am
it's at this time i would like some of that west rginia warmth. 7:00 a.m., we had someshowers. the forecast still holds. by noon, we'll start to see some once we do, the temperatures will take off on their own. the temperatures in the 30s andr 40ss the area. temperatures to the west are warmer. future weather as we talk about that, notice, 11:00 a.m., still some clouds. they break after 12:00 or some of and it shows clearing of clouds. but otherse we're looking forward to several days of rain-free weather across our area. with that, the forecast for us for today, it will bhe on mild side. now, average temperatureson are about 52, 53 degrees. so we're really going to enjoy temperatures in the mid-60s today. still better than or warmer than monday. for your tuesday and wednesday and thursday warms up gradually once again. plenty of sunshine to go aroundd , tuesday, and wednesday. the next best chance for rain
7:50 am
frowers. thursday and ay, a chance for rain. notice we're going to bring 60s back into the picture. so for the extended riod, we don't see any cold air or periods where there's heavy rain across our areas. as a result, we'll have a chance to enjoy spring. think about the cherry blossoms d enjoy. it looks like the next several days, veryice indeed across we'll talk more news, more weather as "news4" continues in just a few moments. still ahead, we check out the four things you need to know. plus the cherry blossoms come in soon. soon. find o whenut
7:51 am
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a budget unveiling and an economic report and ala new t all in the week ahead. the white house is set to proposal for dget next year. expect big cuts in domestic programs and annan crease in defense spending. there will begin a budget debate likely to continue through the fall. thursday will be a busy day for earnings oracle, d general, and others. also worth watching earlier in the volkswagen and adidas. fresh wretaill give edvestors more. yesterday they shoarkets with the biggest decline since 2009. inflation data for both consumer and whole sale prices ure also
7:54 am
outg the week. finally tesla expands its product line. on thursday the model y will be unveiled. it's a crossover suv that will cost about 10% more than the model 3 also like the model three sedan, getting your hands on one may take awhile. they don't plan to release them until next year. i'm leslieer pi get all of your n bnews on >> new car? checking o the weather and the cherry blossoms. >> we finally know wn we'll see the famous flowers at their best. co smith has allhe details. take a look. >> reporter: old man winter still has a firm grip on d.c., but head to the tidal basin and check closely. no, a littlecloser. you'll see budding signs of good things to come. >> this isas almost chriss far as we're concerned.
7:55 am
>> and the projected dates are april 3 through 6th. er. >> reporter: in monl's time the district will once again look pretty in pink aus tds of cherry blossoms reach peak bloom. that is if the national parks services prediction is correct. >> if so, we'll hit it exactly on the knownose. but as your meteorologist knows, that's not an exact science. >> rrrorter: cy blossom fever is already sweeping through d.c. there will be celebrities, swag, and professional president dianh mayhew in 19th year, this will never get old. >> today to me is like the first special i've ever done because each year the team wor hard all year round to reach new and exciting innovative events and programming. >> reporter: that excitement has kept this parkge r coming back for the past 40 years. >> it's like the lincoln
7:56 am
memorial. there's something special about living in washington and being able to experience this. >> reporter: living in a cityou thatd manmade drama in politics, it's nice to view the beauty side of washington. >> it's the dchl c. side, the. happy si it's what people should come to washington for. your time now is 7:56. here are four things you need to know this sunday. ethiopian airlines has confirmed all 157 people died when a plane went down a few hours ago. here were people from 33 countries on boaboard at the ti. ay tuned for "sunday today." police want to now if you recognize this tattoo. it was found on a body found along river road. and a man is in critical ndition after a late night shooting at gallatin and 9th street in northwest washington, d.c. there was another shooting not
7:57 am
far from .midnig no word if the shootings are connected. all tay tuned with us morning. "meet the press" is ahead later this morning. chuck todd and his panel will dive into a week that saw a growing divide on capitol hill. stay here. clay, almost 70. >> hold on. we'll have snipe and warmerte eratures. they're going to hang around all week. >> that's all forto "newsy." thank you for joining us. thank you for joining us. "sundaytoda coming
7:58 am
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. we have not given up hope. we are stillsearching. >> the resolution is agreed to and without objection. >> you are tling me that? >> this is yours. >> i guess. >> good morning, welcome to unday today" on this march 10th, the first day of dayligh saving, i am willie geist. ahead of a potential fight over the budget and a new 2020 poll that shows twod democrats hea and sulders above the rest of the field. we are watching breaking news this morning an hour ago, an


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